A tour guide is a reliable companion at any time and in any situation.

Guides are nature experts, with knowledge about history, economy and  culture. They are proficient in travelling across different landscapes, and route-finding, and are capable of assessing risks, acting in an emergency and administering first aid. When organizing tours, they can also take into account participants’ interests, age and abilities.

Members of the Hiiumaa Tour Guides Association:

  Nimi telefon e-mail keeled
1. Ene Tisler 5272005 enetisler@hot.ee EST, GBR
2. Helgi Põllo 5284401 helgipollo@gmail.com EST, FIN, GBR, RUS
3. Inna Lepik 56475772 innalepik@gmail.com EST
4. Kirsti Ugam 56654859 kristi.ugam@gmail.com EST, GBR, NLD
5. Lea Vaher Lundin 56462929 lea.vaher.lundin@gmail.com EST, SWE
6. Lili Käär 53401207 lili.k22r@gmail.com EST, GBR, RUS
7. Madis Roosimaa 56220036 madis036@hot.ee EST
8. Malle Kappel 5217306 malle.kappel@mail.ee EST
9. Mari Orgusaar 56825998 morgusaar@gmail.com EST, SWE, GBR
10. Marju Lippur 56668384 marjulippur@gmail.com EST
11. Mati Lepna 5295562 mattiashiiumaal@gmail.com EST, FIN
12. Merle Kääri 5051335 merlekaari@gmail.com EST, GBR
13. Sirje Heinmaa 56605743 heisir@hot.ee EST, DEU, RUS
14. Tiiu Heldema 5265632 tiiuheldema@gmail.com EST, FIN
15. Tiiu Metsar 5033675 tiiu.metsar@mail.ee EST
16. Urmas Selirand 5083648 urmas.esimene@mail.ee EST, FIN, GBR, RUS
17. Urve Merendi 5207868 urve.merendi@mail.ee EST, DEU
18. Urve Vaher 51905846 urvemaxi@hot.ee EST
19. Vilma Tikerpuu 5158601 tikerpuuvilma@gmail.com EST, RUS
20. Viktor Rõbtšenko 56474141 viktorrobt@hot.ee EST, RUS