Firemen´s House (from the beginning of 1930s) On the Kärdla central square

An odd character, well-proportioned, from the times of the first Estonian Republic (1920s-30s). The tower was once used to spot an out-of-control fire as well as for drying water hoses. Now, tourists climb the stairs to enjoy the view over the greenery of the peaceful town and the sea.

The Eiffel Tower

(2008) in Reigi village

Anyone can be an architect if he is persistant in driving for the hights, in will to create something, in risk-taking and in „painting the moon“. The guy who plocked and hammered for years and years, wanted a tower higher than the one of the church. And he made one. No one´s business what someone else makes in the heat of inspiration. If you´re not brave enough to climb up, take a frog´s view instead of a bird´s one.

Palade School

(from the late 1920s)

Farmers with little schooling did great deeds. Imagine this – the narrow strip of eastern Hiiumaa has four large two-storey school houses: at Palade, Kärdla, Malvaste and Lauka. That illustrates the islanders´ yearning for doing the best for thei children! Our task is to cherish these temples and make sure to have children as well as school leaders-mentors.

Sõru Boat House

That is what it is like – long, somewhat boring. Once filled with boats and work, now with people, fun and culture. It is quite plain, almost pretty with those white windows and large gates, and good for a traditional party at midsummer as well as other times. There are more eye-catching building around it and even an old sailing ship waiting for sails. This harbour is alive and gathering flesh, because the community is strong and the sea is powerful.

Jaanus Rohusaar