The safest county

Hiiu County was reinstated on 1 January 1990. The county includes the islands of Hiiumaa and many small islets. Hiiumaa is Estonia’s safest county.

 The population is somewhat unevenly distributed. The southeast and east of the island are more densely populated, and Kõpu peninsula (the west) and the interior are less populated. The county has one city, two small towns and 182 villages.

The county is divided into five local government units:

Emmaste municipality encompasses Hiiumaa’s southern and south-eastern parts, the area is 197 km² and the number of inhabitants is 1,344 (approx. 13% of the county’s population– the data are from 2010). There are a total of 43 villages in the municipality.

Käina municipality has an area of 186 km² in the central part of Hiiumaa and Kassari island and there are 2,197 inhabitants (approx. 22%). About half of the municipality’s people live in Käina, a small town that is the municipal seat. There are a total of 34 villages in the municipality.

Kärdla city is on the north-eastern shore, the area is 4.5 km² and the population is 3684 (approx. 36%).

Kõrgessaare municipality has an area of 375 km² in the western and northern part of Hiiumaa and there are 1,327 inhabitants (approx. 13%). Besides the small town of Kõrgessaare, there are 58 villages.

Pühalepa municipality has an area of 255 km² in the eastern part of Hiiumaa and there are 1,624 inhabitants (approx. 16%). The municipal seat is Hellamaa, and along with it there are 47 villages in the municipality. Most of Hiiumaa islets and small islands are in Pühalepa municipality.