Small but diligent

Hiiumaa may be the smallest county, yet there is plenty of opportunities to attend events ranging from world-calibre performances to folk culture.

The island boasts a number of significant cultural, family and youth centres with many different clubs and associations.

These organizations and non-profits driven by active individuals play an important part in the island’s cultural life so that even the more distant reaches of Hiiumaa have been “awakened”.

Libraries have a secure spot in local cultural life, often serving as the only cultural centre in some areas. Such libraries are places for information gathering, interaction and spending leisure time.

”Tubala vai” plays a completely distinctive role in the island’s cultural history. According to this legend, a pile keeps Hiiumaa fixed to the sea bottom so that it does not drift away, but Kõpu Lighthouse Cultural Fund sees this myth as supporting the island’s intellectual and non-physical heritage as well. Every summer, anyone who donates at least 66 euros to the Kõpu lighthouse fund gets the chance to drive one blacksmith’s nail bearing the donor’s name.

A number of Christian congregations are also active on the island, looking after people’s spiritual sustenance: Evangelical Christians and Baptists, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Apostolic Orthodox Church.

A number of very disparate sport clubs, societies and non-profits keep people’s bodies sound.