Education in brief

Based on Estonia’s Education Act, the educational system in Hiiumaa can be viewed from two aspects – the function of the educational system or the educational level. Education is classified by function into general, vocational and avocational education.

Based on levels and in line with the international standard, it can be divided into pre-school education, basic education and secondary education.

Pre-school education

Seven pre-school children’s institutions operate in Hiiumaa. In terms of ownership, two of them are private and five are municipal.

Local governments cover the costs of maintaining their children’s institutions. Part of the costs of study and food are defrayed by parents.

Basic education

There are five schools in Hiiumaa that teach children from the 1st to 9th grade and one of them is a state school for children with special needs. In addition, the island’s upper secondary schools also have basic school classes.

Secondary education

Two upper secondary schools offer secondary education: Kärdla Ühisgümnaasium and Käina Gümnaasium. The former also has a distance learning department (10th-12th grade) where students can work while acquiring their secondary education.

Vocational education

The only vocational school in Hiiumaa is the Hiiumaa Trade School, which is a state school. Subjects taught include wood and stone building restoration, general construction (formal education offered within the adult education system) and nature tourism management, natural environment and landscape management, florist education etc (offered as vocational education).

Avocational education

Hiiumaa has two municipal hobby schools:

The Rudolf Tobias School of Music in Kärdla teaches piano, Estonian psaltery, accordion and trumpet programmes.

The Käina Avocational and Cultural Centre is a combination of hobby school, youth centre and cultural centre. The hobby school has three departments: music, art and dance. Adult activity groups also meet in the building.

Avocational education is well-represented at Kärdla Cultural Centre. Hobby clubs also meet at all of Hiiumaa’s schools.