Diversity & Adaptation

Hiiumaa sees the future of its economy as centred on light industry. Enterprising people drawn to the charms of living on an island and who take challenges in stride are always welcome to Hiiumaa.

Visitors to Hiiumaa, both Estonians and from abroad, often believe that Hiiumaa’s economy is all about agriculture, tourism and fishing, but actually, many people in Estonia and the Nordics come into contact with Hiiumaa’s economy without leaving home.

When you install a new air filter into a breathing apparatus, put on work clothes, plug an appliance into a wall outlet, switch on a light, put on a security vest or life vest, buy food in a transparent plastic container, use disposable dishes or deposit waste in a biodegradable bag, it is likely you are using something that was made in Hiiumaa.

The heart of the Hiiumaa economy is the modern plastic and assembly industry. Hiiumaa produces an endless array of plastic components, electrical plugs, switches and wires, lights are assembled, equestrian sport accessories are manufactured, medical filters are developed and produced and various plastic films and film packaging are produced, including biodegradable plastic bags.

Besides plastics and assembly, there is also room for other companies to operate. Life vests and security vests are sewn in Hiiumaa, as is a wide variety of work clothing, including for the electronics industry.

Living on an island has made Hiiumaa inhabitants good logisticians. Hiiumaa’s transport companies deliver goods throughout Europe. The capricious weather conditions have taught the people of Hiiumaa to guarantee reliability of supply in all but the most extreme conditions.

The woodworkers typical of Hiiumaa have focused above all on light industry. It is possible to order handmade kitchen and design furniture.

Local enterprises operate on the international market, selling their products worldwide or in the Nordics, above all in Finland and Sweden. With regard to transport of goods, it does not matter very much whether Tallinn or Helsinki is the destination.