Summer is naturally the sunniest time here when the seawaters are suitably warm for swimming. The water temperature in summer is 18-25 Centigrade. The peak of the tourist season starts at midsummer and ends around the last week of August. Should you wish to visit the island during that time, you should definitely book accommodation and a ferry ticket well in advance.

Summer is also the time of Hiiumaa´s top events to take place – Children´s Festival and One-Day Café Day, the Volleyball Tournament and the Horse Day, the boat trip around Hiiumaa and Wooden Boats Party, Day of the Villages, music festivals, performances and concerts.

In fact, the chilly spring and mild autumn on Hiiumaa are also pleasant – in spring the migrant birds arrive and the nature awakes, in autumn cranberries, cowberries ripen, rowans redden, and the hunting season begins. Even a proper autumn storm counts for an experience to remember.

The rarest and most exotic phenomenon of winter is the ice road. So it pays off to pray for a biting frost. Once the ice road has been prepared by the road masters, the feeling of butterflies in your stomach is guaranteed – imagining the metres of seawater under the silvery white track and watching a ferry going parallel to the row of cars... A sight not easily to be forgotten.