Nature and Military Hikes

In the untouched, wild and at the same time touched nature with military structures of various sorts. Military railway dam 5,5 km. Cannon platforms of Peter the Great sea fort. Cannon posts built in 1939-1941 and multi-storey reinforced concrete bunkers. Excitement above and below ground. Stone maze. Tahkuna lighthouse. Monument for the children of “Estonia”. Wind generator. Length of hikes 2-15 km, from 1 hour to whole day.
(Guide Urmas Selirand, Tel 463 2091 or E-mail: )

Wilderness Trail of The Meteor Crater

Wilderness trail – it is a trail through this region´s furthest past or geological time, a brief view at its beginning and development through millions of years. The trail goes through a meteor crater which is approximately 400-500 million years old, 4 km in diameter and 0, 5 km in depth. There is a specially constructed viewing platform to get a better look.

Neljateeristi Nature Trail

This is a special nature trail because you can choose from four different directions to go find and experience something new. In order to notice something you need to direct attention to it. Neljateeristi trail has in fact the aim to direct attention to the nature of Kõpu, show incredible biomes, views, landscapes, small old roads and old farm places, revive traditions and introduce them to people. The trail is marked with colored plaques and blue ribbons.

Orjaku Nature Trail

You can start your walk along Orjaku nature trail in Kassari from the beacon situated 500 m from the “eye” of Orjaku or from the lighthouse on the hill of Orjaku. In both cases you can expect a 1, 5 km trail through junipers from where you can get a view of the bay of Käina – one of the most species cotaining bird preserves in Estonia. 

Rebastemäe Nature Trail

Rebastemäe nature trail is situated in Kõpu landscape preserve. The 1, 5 km trail is marked by blue ribbons attached to trees and goes along the hills of Kõpu. On that trail you can see different types of forest and an ancient dune landscape. It takes about an hour to complete the hike.

RMK (The State Forest Management Centre) hiking trails

 - Kärdla-Tõrvanina hiking trail follows the shoreline from Kärdla to Tõrvanina and vice versa. The 7 km trail is marked and has information plaques in both ends with the schematics of the trail. Wet places have been covered with boards. On the side of the trail there are two viewing platforms and 3 campfire sites. Turning off the road of the old auto-service station you find one of the trail-side campfire sites and a handicap trail from where you can view the sea. The trail ends in Tõrvanina, where there is a table, some benches, an outhouse and camping places.

Sights: a beautiful varied landscape and views of the sea and the port of Lehtma; Tõrvanina beach.
- Luidja-Peope hiking trail is 3 km long, starts from the camping site in Luidja and ends with a campfire site in Paope.

Sights: black alder grove established by K. Ahrens to stop the dunes from moving; dunes.
- Leemeti-Õngu hiking trail, with a total length of 11 km starts at the teepee of Leemeti. A marked trail, in parts made of wooden boards, signposts, information plaque at the junction of the trail, from where you can go to Tihu lakes and also to Õngu. There is a resting area with a roof on the side of the trail.

Sights: 3 Tihu lakes with an interesting collection of aquatic and swamp birds; dune landscape of Leemet; yew tree growth places.