Memorials & Monuments

Monument of Kärdla Baize Factory

Contract Stones

Most often it is considered to be an ancient sacred grove, a place to conclude important agreements, confer with God - a profoundly holy place. The first Christian churches were built near such places, like our next object in the tour, the Pühalepa church. The people of Hiiumaa believe that the pile of boulders mark the grave of a Northern king named Ingvar. Ingvar fell in a battle in Estonia around 600 BC and he was buried in a place containing the word Stone in its name.

Hill of Crosses

There are many different versions of the story of how the hill of crosses came to be, but its connection to the deportation of the Swedes of Reigi in August 1781 is the one most often cited. Despite everything that this small national community of about 1,000 did to protect their rights, they ended up stripped of their land by Stenbock. Catherine the Great of Russia signed a decree allowing the Swedes to resettle in a new area in southern Ukraine. 

MS Estonia Memorial

Every time the wind reaches strength of a storm, the bell moves enough to start tolling... Just to remember those, who never got back home...