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Hiiumaa facts and figures. As of 01.01.2003

Most important ports and harbors are Heltermaa, Lehtma, Orjaku, Suursadam and Sõru.


Total length of roads is approximately 1 000 km, of which about 350 km are paved. Paved roads provide access to all larger towns and villages.


Hiiumaa is served by Kärdla Airport that is licensed by Estonian Aviation Board as an international instrumental airport.


There are 6 post-offices on Hiiumaa.

The County has telephone network and GSM mobile network. Several optical communication cables connecting Estonia and Sweden pass via Hiiumaa.

There are 16 Open Internet Points in Hiiumaa. Island is wired with communication lines suitable for data processing. All local authorities and schools have Internet connections.

Connection with other regions

Connection with mainland:
Ferry between Heltermaa - Rohuküla, 4-7 times a day, travel time about 90 minutes.
Plane between Kärdla - Tallinn, 5 days a week, 2 times a day, travel time about 45 minutes.

Connection with Saaremaa island:
Ferry between Sõru - Triigi, 2-4 times a day, travelling time about 60 minutes.

Corresponding statistics of the year 2003

Line Number of trips Number of passengers Number of
Ferry between Heltermaa-Rohuküla 4 628    367 973    119 649      
Ferry between Sõru-Triigi 1 052    22 162    8 466      
Plane between Kärdla-Tallinn 992    7 008    -       

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