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Hiiumaa facts and figures. As of 01.01.2003
Social Affairs

2 high schools (grades 1-12), 4 junior high schools (grades 1-9), 1 primary schools (grades 1-4), 8 kindergartens, 1 vocational school and 3 hobby schools, 1 mentally disabled children school. The Tuuru Foundation and Suuremõisa Technical School provides continuing education and adult education.

Health Care and Social Care

24-hour medical care is provided by the county hospital. In addition there are 6 family doctors offices, 5 dental offices and 6 drug stores.

The county's social care institution for old people is Tohvri Care Home.

In 2003, 182 EEK of social support per person was paid (average in Estonia 227 EEK).


126 crimes were registered in 2003, of which 8 violent crimes (average in Estonia is ~396 crimes per 10 000 people). Kärdla was named as the safest town in Estonia in 2003.

Hiiumaa Rescue Service registered 252 events in 2003, of which 107 fires.

Nature Protection

There are 4 nature and 11 landscape reserves. These reserves cover about 11% of county's territory. The entire county is part of West Estonian Archipelago Biosphere Reserve.

About 800 single points of interest are under protection.


There are 3 bigger culture centres, 8 public libraries, 8 museums and 25 athletic centres.

There are 208 registered NGO-s, of which 39 sports-clubs and 18 are religious congregations.

Local Media

Newspaper Hiiu Leht, published 2 times a week.

International co-operation

Hiiumaa participates actively in the work of Baltic Sea Seven Islands Co-operation Network B7, International Partnership Centre Eurohouse and in the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe CPMR.

Local municipalities of Hiiumaa have twinning co-operation with altogether 12 different municipalities in Denmark, Finland, Greece and Sweden.


Hiiumaa has 49 certified accommodation places with over 947 available beds. In 2003, according to the Tourist Information Centre of Hiiumaa approximately 135 000 tourists visited Hiiumaa.

Points of interest: Harju windmill, Hiiumaa Islets landscape reserve, Hiiumaa Museum, Kõpu Lighthouse, artesian wells in Kärdla, Mänspe chapel, Orjaku bird-watching tower and nature trail, Pühalepa church, Rebastemäe nature trail, Reigi church, Ristna SurfParadise, Soera farm museum, Suuremõisa manor house, Sõru museum and sailing ship Alar, Tahkuna and Ristna coastal artillery positions, Vaemla wool factory etc.

Interesting Facts Hiiumaa Infoserver Social Affairs Infrastructure Economy Population. Administration Geography