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Hiiumaa facts and figures. As of 01.01.2003

Hiiumaa County is located in West Estonia, and it includes the islands of Hiiumaa (ca 980 km²) and Kassari (19 km²) and about 200-400 surrounding islets.


Distance from Tallinn 139 km
Distance from the mainland 22 km
Distance from Saaremaa island 6 km
Area 1 019 km2
   Cultivatable land 116 km2 (11%)
   forests 673 km2 (66%)
   bogs and wetlands 30 km2 (3%)
Coastline length ca 326 km
Highest point Tornimägi hill (68 m)
Longest river Luguse (21 km)
Biggest lake Tihu Suurjärv (ca 85 ha)
Main natural resources Sand, gravel, turf, mud, mineral water
Average temperature in February -3,6 C°
Average temperature in July 16,0 C°
Average precipitation per year 622 mm

Interesting Facts Hiiumaa Infoserver Social Affairs Infrastructure Economy Population. Administration Geography