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Hiiumaa facts and figures. As of 01.01.2003
Interesting Facts
Well-known people from Hiiumaa or who are involved with Hiiumaa

Ave Alavainu - poet and writer
Ernst Jaakson (1905-1998) - ambassador
Aino Kallas (1878-1956) - writer
Karl Kaups (1888-1986) - clergyman and politician
Jaan Kross - writer
Helle-Mare Kõmmus - folk-dance teacher
Leiger - ancient hero of Hiiumaa
Ellen Niit - writer and poet
Paul-Erik Rummo - writer and politician
Herman Sergo (1911-1989) - writer
Rudolf Tobias (1873-1918) - composer
Erki-Sven Tüür - composer
Marie Under (1883-1980) - poet
Otto Reinhold Ludwig von Ungern-Sternberg (1744-1811) - count of Ungru, known also as corsair
Vaino Väljas - ambassador and politician.

Did you know that …

... Kõpu Lighthouse is the third oldest working lighthouse in the world;

... People from Hiiumaa are well known for their good sense of humour. It's said that one can discover the details of Hiiumaa joke even after some days have already passed. That's why one can't tell to the people of more serious nature from Saaremaa Hiiumaa jokes on Thursday - he/she could interrupt Sunday's church services with his/her laugh;

... Kärdla meteor crater is one of the biggest in the world (Ø 4 km);

... The first Estonian yacht to sail around Cape Horn was sailing ship "Hioma", which was built in Hiiumaa;

... Hiiumaa became well known in Estonia and the world thanks to the Kärdla Broadcloth Factory (1830-1941);

... The highest hills of Western-Estonia are in Hiiumaa at Kõpu peninsula (Tornimägi hill 68 m);

... Snow covers Hiiumaa about 4 weeks later and melts 2 weeks earlier than on the mainland of Estonia.

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